A Visit to Eastport

Hello Everyone!

It’s a beautiful sunny day here in Washington County, and I have just taken an amazing ride to the bustling city of Eastport. Has anyone been there lately? Oh it’s changed so much, I am astonished, great job Eastport!


The downtown area is gorgeous this morning, the sun is shining, and I can see quite a few boats off the shore working.  I love the sights a smells of the ocean, I am sure some of you know the distinct odor air that only comes from the cool ocean breeze.

I just came by ORPC, and stopped in to a view an amazing little video about Eastport and the Quoddy Dam, and one of the employees, sorry I didn’t get his name told me about Roosevelt’s project, I learned a lot about our area and a new word “Boondoggle”. It’s a wonderful chance for anyone who is interested in history to see an incredible project.


I parked my car and walked down the street to aroma of the bakery, I stopped at Moose Island Bakery and purchased cupcakes, fresh bread, some small pastries, and had a wonderful chat with the woman behind the counter who even talked me into indulging into a chocolate cake.  She didn’t need to do much convincing, special dessert tonight.  Yummy! a nice little place to sit and watch the activity on Water Street and indulge in a good cup of coffee and some sweets.

I next went a little further down the street and into the Bank Square Pizza & Deli, I love the aroma when you open the door, spices and sauces you just know everything is fresh.  I decided on Mexican, you can’t go wrong with chimichanga, such a big portion of beans, homemade salsa, chicken in a wrap, so I ordered lunch to take back to the office, and sat in the window seat.  This is a hidden jewel, not many tables, but get it to go and enjoy the scenery.

I love to people watch, and today was no exception a few parking spots open on Water Street; the Waco Diner was just opening its doors and letting in the breeze. The Happy Crab’s lunch crowd was filing in; people were stopping on the street and chatting away. As I walked back to my car, I noticed many of the stores open for business, the hardware store, the new swimsuit store, I stopped and watched an artist paint through the window,  and of course stopped by Dastardly Dicks for my java fix , a must for me. I passed the Liberty café; you can smell the enticing aroma as you pass by. I love when strangers on the street say hello it just makes me smile.

Time to go back to the office, if you get a chance to visit Eastport, stop by and say hello to everyone, wonderful friendly people and great customer service. There are many more restaurants and shops but I will save those for another day!